Dear Friends and Family,

When you see the signature "Paulie's Promise", you simply just know. Our promise to Paul has transcended 29 years, yet we are still working to fulfill our passion to find answers for his autism diagnosis, as well as future children in your lives. Autism does not discriminate. It can affect all of us.

This year, we are "changing it up". The Morris family is focusing on the science. Through the work of Autism Science Foundation, new studies are being funded to isolate and analyze causes and potential cure.

At the time this picture of Sabrina and Paul was taken, we had no idea that 25 years later, what impact Sabrina's contribution would be to further investigation. It is a chilling reality, that while there is a genetic piece to some autism diagnoses, a significant percentage of cases have none at all.

The Autism Science Foundation is partnering with the Seaver Autism Center at Mount Sinai to make it easier for researchers to explore the "female protective effect." Families with a member who has autism and a female sibling without an autism diagnosis will be recruited to donate saliva samples and participate in a full screening. A full DNA exome scan, among other analyses, will be performed on the entire family. If we can identify this protective factor, it could be harnessed to protect both boys and girls from the debilitating features of autism and improve lives by informing the development of new therapies. That's why this area of endeavor seems so promising and exciting to many in the field.

Paul has a way of articulating his feelings, with uncensored honesty. Recently, we lost our dearest cousin Irwin. He simply said "my eyes are drowning." There is no sweeter soul in this entire world. He cares.

Please help us care and make a difference for autism, and support the science. Paulie's Promise will participate in Wall Street Rides FAR for Autism Research on October 7th, 2017 at Saxon Woods, 1800 Mamaroneck Avenue, White Plains, N.Y. Please join us, in spirit or donation for for this vital cause.

Love, Danny, Robin, Sabrina, Jesse, Tyler and Paul 


Wall Street Rides FAR

Autism Science Foundation